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We buy gold and silver in Madrid. Highest valuation

We buy gold and silver jewels at the best market’s price. We do not consider the state nor the quantity. We buy any type of gold and silver pieces, luxury watches, jewels, coins, silver cutleries, candelabras, ornaments, coffee sets, ingots, set of keys, etc.

We use high precision scales and we always weigh every piece in front of the client. This is fundamental as this must always be an honest and transparent process. Don’t trust establishments where they don’t show you the weight.

Gold pieces are tested to know if they are real gold by both the carats and the fineness in thousandth (gold content). We can know this by using different methods, some traditional and other more sophisticated, depending on the piece in question.

We are professionals with a long experience in the sector. Our clients feel safe and confident with our services and they are thankful for our transparency.

We pay the highest prices instantly in cash. Instant cash.


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